UW Transitional Care Program Testimonials

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To share your testimonial about UW Health's Transitional Care program, please contact Kim Loun at (608) 828-8542 or e-mail kloun@uwhealth.org

In the UW Health Transitional Care program, patients are closely followed for 30 days or until they see their primary care physician for a follow-up visit. Transitional Care nurses help with questions, unanticipated problems and coordination of services within the UW Health system. When the program ends, patients are contacted to provide feedback about the program.


Here's what some of our patients had to say:


“Very happy customer - glad to know I have a support system in place with Matthew.”


“Very nice to have someone call after going home. The program was wonderful!”


“Program is great for some people; especially if they live alone it would be a comfort factor.”


“Program was really, really helpful. I loved being fussed over and really appreciated the Thank You card.”


“Very reassuring to have someone come and check on me and answer my questions.”


“Positively impressed with the whole program.”


“Heather and Peggy were phenomenal!”


“Program is great for people who don't understand their issues.”


“I wish every hospital had this program.”


“Matt was the best and addressed every issue. I needed the program and it came at just the right time.”


“The biggest takeaway was that I went from everyone in the hospital taking care of me to no contact. It was great to have someone calling to check on me.”


"Really, really helps people like me who don't pay attention to their health"


“Hilary was Amazing! Excellent! Extraordinary program - Hilary's Thank You note was very comforting.”