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UW Health Transitional Care makes sure every handoff or "transition" in a patient's care is handled with precision and detailed documentation.


Why is Transitional Care Important?



More About Transitions of Care

  • A transition of care occurs every time a patient's care changes hands -from a home setting to the emergency department, from one inpatient unit to another, from a primary care provider to a specialty care provider, from hospital to home or to a post-acute facility
  • Reducing avoidable readmissions will improve quality of care, improve patient and family satisfaction, increase inpatient bed availability, improve utilization of resources, encourage primary care provider (PCP) follow-up visits, and avoid excess costs.

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UW Health Transitional Care Vision


UW Health provides a holistic, patient- and family-centered transition of care experience that seamlessly spans across the continuum of care. Through proactive planning, looking at all aspects of the patient situation and utilizing strong community partnerships, UW Health delivers safe, timely, efficient, effective transitions of care while optimizing the use of resources.