What is the Best Foundation for Your Skin Type?

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Advice from our Jeune Skin Care aestheticians on what foundation works best for your skin type.


Dry Skin

For dry skin you need a foundation that will rehydrate your skin cells and add a dewy finish. We recommend using Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder. Amazing Base has super loose and reflective minerals in it so that it leaves your skin with a slightly dewy and hydrated finish. It also blurs out those fine lines of dryness and dehydration.


Oily Skin

A foundation that will mattify your complexion without feeling heavy is best for oily skin. We recommend PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation as the best powder foundation if your skin tends to be on the oilier side. It gives the most flattering semi-matte finish to take away the shine, but it never makes you look dry and flat.


Combination Skin

With combination skin you really can use anything, it just depends on how much coverage and what type of finish you want. If you have combination skin that tends to be on the drier side, stick with a product that will hydrate and add a dewy glow like Glow Time BB Cream or Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder. If your skin is more on the oily side, try PurePressed Base.

Aging Skin

As we age the slow down process begins (cellular turnover, collagen production and water retention). So, for aging skin, we suggest using Amazing Base Loose Powder. It contains boron nitride minerals, which reflect and refract light, giving your skin a soft, healthy and hydrated finish.


Acne Prone Skin

For acne prone skin you need a foundation that feels light but provides buildable coverage. That’s why PurePressed Base is a great option, and don’t forget to prime your skin with Smooth Affair for a long-lasting, smooth complexion. PurePressed Base has a pine bark extract that can be antibacterial. If you apply with a Flocked Sponge, it can also act as a concealer. Then you won’t need two different products to create the intense coverage that is desired.


Sensitive Skin

With sensitive skin less is more! Our pros recommend either Amazing Base Loose Mineral Powder or PurePressed Base. It has minimal ingredients and excellent coverage for reducing the appearance of redness. Remember that foundation with gold undertones is best to color correct any redness in the skin.


Skin with Hyperpigmentation

If you want to disguise hyperpigmentation on your skin, you’ll need a full coverage foundation like Glow Time Full Coverage BB Cream. This formula is ideal because of its ability to provide full coverage without the heavy, masking effect. But remember, a little goes a long way, and it works well with Smooth Affair primer first.



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