Are Your Lips Fall Ready?

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Fall is officially here! As you pull out your warm sweaters and cozy wool socks to protect against the chill, are you thinking about your lips, too?


A moisturizing lip product is as important as that extra blanket on your bed when it's colder outside. Why? Colder air does not hold moisture as warmer air does.


The lips do not contain oil glands that naturally lubricate as other parts of our skin does. And lips do not contain hair follicles to protect our skin, either. This is the reason we can get dry and cracked lips during the fall and winter months.


A good lip balm can protect your skin from the elements and prevent painful, chapped lips. Simply apply a moisture rich balm or cream under your lipstick during the day or apply a thick layer at night to wear while you sleep as an overnight mask treatment.


What do we recommend?


Avene Cold Cream Lip Butter is an ultra-nourishing product that both protects and soothes the lips.


Key ingredients: Cold cream, jojoba, shea butter, alpha-bisabolol and Avene's Thermal Spring Water to hydrate.


All of these ingredients nourish, protect, soften and calm the skin on our lips. Infused into this blend is an antioxidant to keep your lips protected from free radicals.


Avene Cold Cream Lip Butter provides up to 8 hours of nourishment and retails for $16.00* at UW Health Transformations. Stop in for yours today! October 2018 Discount: 10% Off Avene Products


Do you have changing skin in the colder months?


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