Randa's Total Hip Replacement

Randa underwent a total hip replacement and is living life to the fullest.Randa Noble underwent a total hip replacement, performed by Dr. Richard Illgen. Here's her story.

As an active 70 year old with a bone-on-bone arthritic hip, I found myself having to make a major decision. I could do nothing and continue to have less mobility and more pain, or I could opt for a total hip replacement in hopes to eliminate the pain and get back to doing all the activities I enjoy.


Just one month after Dr. Illgen performed my hip replacement using his robotic assisted method, I was using a stationery bike daily and doing deep water aerobics. Three months post surgery I am pain free! I'm back doing yoga, road biking, and walking an average of five miles a day. And, as soon as the snow flies, I hope to be out on the snow shoeing trails again.


Having a total hip replacement has taken me off the sidelines and put me back in the game of living life to the fullest