UW Health Orthopedics in Madison, Wisconsin, provides comprehensive care for patients with hip pain, ranging from nagging pain that may benefit from non-surgical rehabilitation to chronic, debilitating pain caused by hip arthritis that can be treated with total or partial hip replacement surgery.



Introduction to Hip Replacement


UW Health joint replacement surgeon Matthew Squire, MD, discusses hip replacement surgery.


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UW Health Hip Replacement Surgery: physical therapist with patient

Joints 101


Joints 101 provides you and your support person with the opportunity to learn what to expect throughout the hip replacement process.


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UW Health Hip Replacement Surgery: Woman running

Total Hip Replacement


In the past, hip replacement was primarily an option for people over the age of 60. However, in recent years, younger, more active patients have also found success with hip replacement.


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UW Health hip replacement surgery patient John

Our Patients


UW Health hip replacement surgery patient John loves hiking, and he was able to take on Mount Hood after his procedure at UW Hospital.


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