Frequently Asked Questions About Video Appointments with Your Healthcare Provider

How is a video appointment different from a video visit?


Video Appointments


Video appointments, sometimes referred to as virtual appointments are scheduled in advance with your healthcare provider for routine visits and other similar times you need to see someone from your healthcare team. If you have a video appointment scheduled, you will receive an email with instructions. These visits are billed to insurance and the patient pays their normal copay.


Video Visits (Care Anywhere)


Care Anywhere video visits are not scheduled and give you easy, quick access to a healthcare provider 24/7, whenever you or your family need urgent care. Patients may self-pay for an appointment. Quartz members and those with health insurance may be able to have a portion of the visit cost covered. Review the list of urgent care conditions that a CareAnywhere video visit can used for to see if this type of visit is best for you. Learn more about Care Anywhere


Does a video appointment cost the same as an in-person doctor’s visit?


UW Health charges the same amount for a video appointment as an in-person visit, and most insurance companies are processing video appointment claims in the same way as in-person visits. This means that most patients will owe the same out of pocket cost (co-pay, deductible, co-insurance) for a video appointment as they would owe for an office visit. 


Please note that during this public health emergency, some insurance companies are waiving some or all out of pocket costs for patients, so we encourage you to contact your insurance company for more information.  If you do not have insurance, the amount you will pay for a video appointment is the same as the amount you would be expected to pay for an in-person office visit.


Do I still have the option for an in-person visit at my doctor’s clinic?


Currently, we are limiting in-person office visits for the safety of our patients and providers. However, our providers will work individually with each patient to ensure their specific care needs are met. Call your provider's clinic to learn more.


How do I know if I qualify for a video appointment?


Video appointments are a convenient and effective option to diagnose and treat a variety of health conditions. Patients will need to call their provider's clinic to discuss whether a video appointment is appropriate.


How do I schedule a video appointment?


To schedule an appointment please call your provider's clinic directly. When your video appointment is scheduled, you’ll get an email confirmation with instructions. Please complete the setup instructions prior to your appointment so you are ready and can troubleshoot in advance if needed.


What if I do not have internet connection?


If you do not have the ability to connect to the internet, your provider may be able to complete the visit over the telephone. Please call your provider's clinic and they will determine if your appointment is appropriate to have over the phone or if an in-person visit is necessary.


What types of conditions are appropriate for a video appointment?


Whether a video appointment is appropriate for your care plan or illness is up to your provider. Many patients are successfully connecting with providers for:

  • Routine office visits for sudden, minor health conditions
  • Follow up visits for chronic conditions
  • Medicare annual wellness visits
  • Health screenings
  • Consultations with specialists
  • Surgery follow-up visits
  • Therapy management visits
  • Psychiatry and mental health appointments

Why should I choose a video appointment?


Video appointments offer patients an easy, simple option to see a healthcare provider, while still getting the same remarkable care you expect from UW Health.


What do I do after my video appointment has been scheduled?


After your appointment has been scheduled, you’ll receive an email confirmation with instructions. Please complete the setup instructions prior to your appointment so you are ready and can troubleshoot in advance if needed.