Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

UW Health recently installed four-tiered multi-recycling stations at our larger facilities.UW Health's sustainability efforts aim to enhance indoor and outdoor spaces, recycling practices, waste management and more, with the goal of sustaining a healthy environment in and around our spaces, and within the community.


Recycling and Savings


Through extensive recycling programs and efforts, UW Health saved the environment the following in 2012:

  • Number of trees: 11,706
  • Gallons of water: 5,485,790
  • Cubic yards of landfill: 2,351

Multi-Recycling Stations


Cell phoneUW Health recently installed four-tiered multi-recycling stations at our larger facilities - UW Hospital and UW Health Clinics East, West, University Station and Research Park - as well as larger administrative offices for recycling:


• Electronic media and cell phones

• Batteries

• Pens, pencils and markers: As part of Terracycle program, which pays UW Health back $.02 per item to help fund future Green STEPS projects throughout UW Health facilities.

• Eye glasses


Join our efforts and bring these items with you anytime you're in one of the UW Health facilities listed above. Registration and information desk staff can help you locate the nearest bin.


Remodeling and Enhancements to Existing Spaces

  • Recycled carpeting and office furniture are often used for remodeling projects throughout UW Health facilities. In turn, old carpet is also recycled.
  • National Office Furniture: all case goods are BIFMA Level 3 and seating is BIFMA Level 2. BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association) is considered the voice of the commercial furniture industry and sponsors the development of safety and performance standards and more.

Switching to Biodegradable

  • 88,000 patient belonging bags were converted from disposable to biodegradable.
  • UW Hospital cafeteria is a "Styrofoam-free zone" and provides biodegradable and recyclable containers, as well as napkins made from recycled material

Help make a difference in your community by connecting with local partners and initiatives: