How the Thyroid Clinic Works

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On the first visit to the UW Hospital and Clinics Multidisciplinary Thyroid Clinic, patients should bring any prior relevant medical reports, lab results, or X-rays from their primary care physician. This will help the multidisciplinary team assess the case and determine whether additional tests are necessary.

Patients should also bring a written referral if required by their insurance company.

Each patient spends approximately half of a day at the clinic. An initial evaluation is performed by one of our endocrinologists with a special interest in thyroid disease. Patients will then undergo an ultrasound of the thyroid gland, as well as a fine-needle biopsy of any thyroid nodules.
Pathologists are available for immediate analysis of biopsy results. And preliminary results are available within a few minutes. If it is determined that a patient has benign (non-cancerous) nodules, the endocrinologist determines the course of treatment and recommends any necessary follow-up care.
If it is determined that a patient has malignant, suspicious, or symptomatic nodule, and surgery may be indicated, the patient is then seen by an endocrine surgeon who specializes in thyroid surgery on the same day. After evaluation for surgical treatment, the surgeon will discuss the diagnosis and treatment options with the patient and when appropriate a surgery date will be scheduled.

Our Dedication to Referring Physicians

We believe the best way to manage complex diseases is through teamwork, both within our institution and with physicians throughout the community. Our staff is dedicated to working closely with referring physicians to make a diagnosis and carry out an appropriate treatment plan that uses the most current resources and knowledge available.