Outpatient Surgery Center

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surgeryThe Outpatient Surgery Center, located within UW Hospital and Clinics at 600 Highland Ave. in Madison, Wisconsin, cares for patients who will undergo surgery and return home on the same day.
It has been gratifying to serve satisfied patients and surgeons for more than 10 years. We combine state-of-the-art equipment and techniques with a pleasant, personal, caring environment to help patients and families through both minor and complex outpatient procedures.
The UW Hospital and Clinics Outpatient Surgery Center has an annual caseload of more than 9,500 outpatient operative procedures, each performed by nationally recognized, expert surgeons and anesthesiologists, and an experienced team of nurses, nursing assistants, surgical technicians and dedicated support staff.
We are trained in all aspects of surgical care and are certified by government and national hospital accrediting organizations.
Patient-Focused Surgery and Recovery
Patients are encouraged to ask questions about any part of their care. Privacy is also important to our patients, so when a person is admitted to the Outpatient Surgery Center, they stay in the same cubicle area until discharge. There is no need for patients to recover in a common, open area.
To help ease the distress of our young patients and their families, parents are allowed to accompany their children into the operating room for induction with their child.
All patients receive instruction about their surgical procedure, how they will be cared for during the day and what to expect once they return home, including detailed home care instructions. Even after returning home, personnel are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to concerns or questions.
We work together diligently to ensure that our patients transition from a rapid, safe, and satisfying surgical and anesthetic experience into the home for postoperative recovery.