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Stroke Exercise Research

The Comprehensive Stroke and Rehabilitation Services Program at UW Hospital and Clinics have partnered to create a special exercise program for people who have had strokes.


The Stroke Prevention Exercise Program (pronounced "S-PEP") has been designed to give people safe and fun exercise options to help prevent new strokes.


S-PEP provides a number of exercise options so that people can select workouts that are interesting to them and accessible when they return home. It also provides guidance to help people begin and stick with an exercise program and find exercise resources in their area.


The program information found below includes all of the handouts, pocket cards, and instructional videos for safely exercising with S-PEP. Each resource can be viewed by following the links on this page. 


What is S-PEP?

How Do I Get Started with the S-PEP?

S-PEP: Stroke Prevention Exercise ProgramDoes S-PEP Have Special Workouts?

How Do I Exercise Safely?

How Do I Track My Progress?

Does S-PEP Have Exercise Advice?

What Exercise Resources Are in My Area?


Please note: This information is provided to help you engage in an exercise program. Do not exercise with SPEP until your doctor tells you it is safe to begin or resume a moderate effort exercise program. UW Health cannot be held responsible for and does not assume any liability for injuries or illnesses that occur as a result of your participation in any exercise activity.