Stroke Prevention Exercise Program (S-PEP): Your County Resources

The Comprehensive Stroke and Rehabilitation Services programs at UW Hospital and Clinics have partnered to create a special exercise program for people who have had strokes. The Stroke Prevention Exercise Program or "S-PEP" has been designed to give you safe and fun exercise options to help prevent new strokes.


The PDFs below list resources to help you locate places to walk, run, bike, swim and find a ride in your area. Members of the S-PEP team compiled this list in 2009. This is just a starting point and is not a complete list of all of the resources near you. Call ahead to check that the information is current.

Many cities and counties have agencies that will help you locate exercise resources in your area. If you want to explore resources not listed above, the agencies under County Information are a good place to start. You can also search the phone book or online for other resources.


If looking for places to walk or run:

  • Safe sidewalks in your area are a good place to start
  • Local shopping malls/centers provide good places to walk all year long
  • Many local elementary schools, high schools, and colleges open their doors for walking
  • Local parks often have trails and open spaces for walking and running

If looking for gyms or exercise bikes:

  • Several local community centers, senior centers, and YMCA/YWCAs are listed
  • Well-known gyms common to your area have also been listed
  • Local hotels/motels, apartment buildings and assisted living facilities may also have gyms on site

If looking for pools:

  • Several private and community pools are listed
  • Local hotels/motels and apartment buildings may also have pools on site