Staff Spotlight: Scott Neuenfeld

If you have been a member of the Sports Medicine Fitness Center anytime over the past 19 years, chances are you know Scott Neuenfeld (pictured below, right). Scott has worked in the Fitness Center since 1991. For the past seven years he has been the coordinator of the Sports Medicine Fitness Center.


Over his many years here, Scott has witnessed and instigated a lot of change as well as contributed to much of the growth here at the Fitness Center. Indeed, no Fitness Center staff member logs as many hours on the floor, testing members and meeting individually with clients than Scott does. It's no coincidence that Scott knows far more of our members by name than any of the other staff! He prides The Fitness Center's Scott Neuenfeld takes a client's blood pressurehimself in forging a personal relationship with as many of our members as he can.


Scott's time with us actually traces back to when we occupied a small segment of a strip mall at 3313 University Avenue. He was here when the current Sports Medicine Center opened its doors in 1995 and he has participated in (and overseen) many of our changes in the subsequent years.


Scott has been the Fitness Center coordinator since 2003. As coordinator he is responsible for hiring, training and scheduling staff. In addition, he is responsible for all day-to-day functions of the Fitness Center. Whether it's ordering towels, repairing equipment, handling member issues or solving any of the multitude of problems that occur, you can bet that Scott is in the mix.


Question for Scott: Why did you enter this profession?


"I originally entered the field of exercise science as a result of a strong love of athletics. Indeed, my love and passion for athletics continues today. Like many of you, I am an avid fan of the Badgers, the Packers and the Brewers. As many of you can attest, on occasion I can be a bit opinionated about our sports teams!


"From elementary school all the way through college, I played pretty much every sport available to me. Football, wrestling, baseball and track and field became my competitive focus as I grew older. Following my days as a competitive athlete I continued my involvement through coaching high school football and track and field.


"Even though my competitive years are over I still keep my feet wet in this arena through coaching my kids and working with recreational and competitive athletes who cross my path here at Sports Medicine."


What do you enjoy about your work?


"Over my years as an exercise specialist here, my interest has evolved from a focus on competitive sport to a greater appreciation of the important role physical fitness plays in everybody's life. Helping a client achieve his or her personal fitness goals is incredibly rewarding for both the client and me.


"Having worked with thousands of participants here, I have learned how each of them has his/her own unique profile (medical needs, fitness level and experience, goals and practical constraints/issues). The true challenge of this job (and the greatest satisfaction) is in helping each of them take the next step toward being a healthier, more fit person.


"I make every effort to personally know as many of our members as I can. Knowing members personally is not only essential for our staff to do an outstanding job here, it is also what makes this profession the most enjoyable it can be.


"It is interesting how life can sometimes circle back around on you. Over the past couple of years, three important college advisors of mine have become Fitness Center members here. In addition to renewing our acquaintances, I am reminded of how each of our lives is influenced by so many people. While my profession is to some degree a result of the influence these (among others) had on me, it affirms my professional choices and modestly pays tribute to these people who guided me."


Facts About Scott:

  • Hometown: Kohler, Wisconsin
  • Current nome: Stoughton, Wisconsin
  • Birthday: December 7
  • Family: Wife, Shelley; daughter, Morgan (11 years old); son, Will (10)
  • Favorite movies: "The Hangover," "Animal House," "Batman, The Dark Knight"
  • Favorite bands: Pearl Jam, U2, REM
  • Hobbies: Grilling, attending children's sporting events, fishing
  • Favorite food: Barbecued ribs, great garden salads
  • Favorite beverage: Pepsi Max, coffee, pomegranate juice
  • Best vacation spot (so far): Baseball Hall of Fame (Cooperstown, New York)
  • Childhood heroes: Robin Yount, my grandfather
  • People I admire: Al Hubbard, Don Nass, Jackie Kuta-Bangsberg
  • Brush with greatness: Meeting David Letterman at Road America in the winner's circle following Jacques Villeneuve's first CART victory (1994)
  • Something very few people know about me that I'm willing to divulge here: I drew the picture used on the cover of my wedding program