Staff Spotlight: Jodi Oster

UW Health Aquatic Center's Jodi OsterAnyone who has been in our Aquatic Center over the past 15 years certainly recognizes Jodi Oster, this issue's staff spotlight.


Jodi started working in the Aquatic Center in 1995 (when we opened our doors) as an arthritis certified instructor. Over the years Jodi has taught dozens of classes here as well as instigated and overseen much of the growth in the aquatic programming here.


As the Aquatic Center Coordinator, Jodi is responsible for the development, coordination and promotion of the aquatics program at the UW Health Sports Medicine Center, including ensuring safe operations at the Aquatic Center, prioritizing usage, promoting the Aquatic Center and its many programs, coordinating and managing maintenance, and hiring, training and supervising program staff.


Of course, managing and troubleshooting any and every pool issue is a demanding endeavor. But Jodi excels at each element of it.


Jodi excels at knowing (most by name) our Aquatic Center users and their needs. Indeed, many of the improvements and modifications the pools have undergone have been a direct result of Jodi's knowledge of a specific user's needs. Jodi prides herself in the professional relationships she's forged with patrons and staff.


Why did you enter this profession? What do you enjoy about it?


"I entered this profession because I want to make a healthy and positive difference for our patrons. Promoting physical activity - especially in the water - is perfectly natural to me. I truly enjoy meeting and knowing all the unique and special people who exercise in the pools. They're stories and dedication inspire me to want to do my job even better.


"We are a service industry and when our patrons enter the Aquatic Center, our goal is to make their experience pleasant so they want to return and exercise with us for the long term. I appreciate the feedback that I receive from our customers so we can continue to enhance and improve our operations for continued, excellent customer service, so they can continue to do other activities that they like doing outside of the Sports Medicine Center with family and friends."


Facts About Jodi:

  • Hometown: Waunakee, Wisconsin (the only one in the world)
  • Current home: Madison, Wisconsin
  • Birthday: June 15
  • Family: Husband Grant; two sons: Clark (21) and Rex (19)
  • Favorite son: Despite much prying for an answer, Jodi refuses to choose one

  • Alma mater: UW-Whitewater (Business - Production Operations Management)

  • Favorite movie: "It's Complicated"

  • Favorite music: Beatles

  • Hobbies: Water skiing, snow skiing and visiting with family and friends

  • Favorite food: Breads

  • Favorite beverage: Diet Coke

  • Best vacation spot (so far): Aspen, Colorado

  • Childhood heroes: My parents!

  • Some people I admire: My grandmother. She was born and died in the same home and lived to be 93 years old.

  • Brush with greatness: Met Rodney Dangerfield and Dennis Hopper at a Super Bowl party

  • Something very few people know about me that I'm willing to divulge here: I enjoy baking and gardening!