Sport Specialty Clinics

UW Health Sports Medicine's staff of physical therapists and athletic trainers is skilled in rehabilitating orthopedic injuries sustained by competitive and recreational athletes.


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We offer clinics catered to helping you excel in specific sports, including:


The Athlete Preservation Clinic is designed for adult athletes who want to stay active and on top of their game  

Athlete Preservation Clinic


Our Athlete Preservation Clinic is designed for adult athletes who want to stay active, healthy and on top of their game while managing changes or injuries associated with aging. Learn more about the Athlete Preservation Clinic

 UW Health Sports Rehabilitation Cyclists Clinic: Cyclist and therapist  

Cyclists Clinic 


Whether you are an avid cyclist, recreational rider, triathlete or commuter in Wisconsin, the UW Health Sports Rehabilitation Cyclists Clinic is committed to keeping you on the roads and trails. Learn more about the Cyclists Clinic



 UW Health Sports Medicine Dancers Clinic  

Dancers Clinic 


UW Health Sports Rehabilitation offers the UW Health Dancers Clinic to care for both injured and healthy dancers. Learn more about the Dancers Clinic


 UW Health Sports Medicine Golfers Clinic  

Golfers Clinic 


We've created the UW Health Golfers Clinic to help individuals address swing biomechanics, golf-related injuries and physical limitations that impact an individual's golf swing. Learn more about the Golfers Clinic



UW Health Sports Rehabilitation Pilates Clinic: Pilates student and instructor  

Pilates Clinic


Our Pilates Clinic complements your current rehabilitation regimen and serves as a source for your self-directed workouts. Learn more about the Pilates Clinic


 UW Health Sports Medicine Runners Clinic  

Runners Clinic


Our Runners Clinic is designed specifically with the runner's needs in mind. We are leading the way to speed the recovery from existing injuries and reduce the risk of future injuries. Learn more about the Runners Clinic


 UW Health Sports Medicine Strength and Power Clinic  

Strength and Power Athletes Clinic


Our Strength and Power Athletes Clinic is for CrossFit and other high intensity training athletes who need rehabilitation following an injury and who want to prevent future injuries. Learn more about the Strength and Power Athletes Clinic


UW Health Sports Medicine Swimmers Clinic: Swimmer in a pool   

Swimmers Clinic


The Swimmers Clinic that uses video-based biomechanical evaluations to address swimming injuries and improve swimming performance. Learn more about the Swimmers Clinic


 UW Health Sports Rehabilitation Tactical Athlete Clinic  

Tactical Athlete Clinic 


Our goal in the Tactical Athlete Rehabilitation Clinic is to provide specialized, state-of-the-art care that is tailored to the unique needs of tactical professionals, including fire, police and military personnel. Learn more about the Tactical Athlete Clinic


 UW Health Sports Rehabilitation Throwers Clinic  

Throwers Clinic 


Our goal is to help baseball and softball players who have pain with throwing or are interested in mechanical improvements reach their pitching or throwing goals. Learn more about the Throwers Clinic