Lower Extremity Injury Prevention Drills

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Prevention Drills

Lower Extremity Injury Prevention Drills (pdf)

The UW Health Sports Medicine Center in Madison, Wisconsin offers comprehensive sports medicine services for soccer players looking to improve performance, reduce injury risk or recover from an injury.


ACL Injuries


Approximately 100,000 injuries of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) occur per year in the United States. Female athletes are up to 7 times more likely to suffer an ACL injury compared to male soccer or basketball athletes. ACL injuries can be devastating in the short term, and have been linked to long-term knee pain and reduced activity. While not all ACL tears are preventable, a substantial number could be avoided.


While no single factor predisposes an athlete to increased risk, new programs and exercises have been shown to reduce an athlete's risk of ACL injury by 52-85 percent.


Lower Extremity Injury Reduction Program


UW Health Sports Rehabilitation experts hosted an ACL Injury Reduction session for coaches of youth athletes. In the following video, watch warm up drills and exercise demonstrations that can be used with your team. View the Prevention Drills Handout (pdf) for a detailed list of the drills.