Concussion Assessment and Management

Post-Concussion Appointments

Call (608) 263-8850, after a concussion, to schedule a concussion evaluation with a Sports Medicine Physician.


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Contacting UW Health Sports Medicine After Concussion


Athletes who have sustained sport-related concussions can call UW Health Sports Medicine at (608) 263-8850 to schedule an appointment with a sports medicine physician for a concussion evaluation.


What is a concussion?


Concussion refers to a mild traumatic injury to the brain without an associated structural abnormality such as bleeding. It may occur with or without loss of consciousness.


While concussions can occur from direct impact, many occur without any contact to the head. A sudden, abrupt stop, such as a fall to the ground or two players running directly into one another without hitting heads, can cause a concussion


Concussion Evaluation


UW Health Sports Medicine physicians will perform a thorough assessment and guide the athlete toward a safe return to sport.



Treatment usually involves some components of mental and physical rest along with school accommodations. As the athlete's symptoms improve, the athlete will be guided back to school and exercise on a gradual basis. For patients with more chronic problems following a concussion, our Sports Concussion Rehabilitation Clinic may be helpful.