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American Family Children's Hospital

Golfers Clinic

UW Health Sports Rehabilitation has created the UW Health Golfers Clinic to help individuals address:

  • Swing biomechanics
  • Golf-related injuries
  • And physical limitations that impact an individual's golf swing

The UW Health Golfers Clinic includes a series of diagnostic physical tests used to evaluate each golfer's physical attributes as they relate to the golf swing. Based on this evaluation, a custom program will be designed to address the physical needs of each individual.



Program Coordinators

Golf Injury Evaluation

Is pain holding you back from playing your best golf or from playing the game at all? If so, the physical therapists and athletic trainers at UW Health Sports Rehabilitation can help. Our staff of Titleist Performance Institute™ Certified Medical Professionals can get you back on track to playing pain-free golf.


Visit 1 (60 minutes)

  • Injury evaluation
  • Swing evaluation
  • Introduce individual exercise plan

Visit 2 (30 minutes)

  • Review and progress individual exercise plan

Titleist Performance Institute™ Golf Performance Screening

UW Health Athletic Trainer and Titleist Performance Institute Certified Medical Professional (level 2) Dave Knight works with a golfer to increase rotationYour body is the engine of your golf swing. Physical limitations within your body will directly impact your ability to swing efficiently and with reduced potential for injury or pain. Our Titleist Performance Institute™ Certified Medical Professionals work with you and your PGA teaching professional to improve your golf swing in a safe and efficient manner.


Visit 1 (60 minutes)

  • Physical screen
  • Swing evaluation

Visit 2 (30 minutes)

  • Review findings
  • Introduce individual exercise plan
  • Receive a flash drive with your swing evaluation findings and video

Additional visits can be scheduled with your clinician as needed.

Golf Training Program

This off-season and preseason conditioning program is designed to get you ready for the start of the golf season. Instructed by Titleist Performance Institute™ Certified Medical Professionals, you will be guided through a series of progressive exercises intended to improve mobility, stability, balance, strength and power.