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UW Health Sports Rehabilitation offers the UW Health Dancers Clinic to care for injured and healthy dancers.


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Dancers and Sports Medicine

The repetitive movements performed by dancers - releves, plies, developpes, sautés - require a unique blend of flexibility with stability, strength and endurance.


Most common dance injuries occur at the foot, ankle, lower leg, hip and back and are caused by:

  • Type and frequency of dance
  • Poor body alignment
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Overtraining
  • Type of footwear and floor surface
  • Past history of injury which can make them more vulnerable for reoccurrence

Dance Injury Evaluation and Treatment

  • UW Health Sports Rehabilitation Dancers Clinic: Dancer and therapistDance-specific musculoskeletal evaluation performed by a physical therapist or athletic trainer
  • Biomechanical assessment of dance technique, neuromuscular control, strength, flexibility and balance 
  • Use of Dartfish video analysis, as needed
  • Treatment: Therapeutic exercises, manual interventions and home program instruction
  • Recommendations for Pointe readiness or Pointe preparation

Our staff believes in a team approach to the dancer's overall health. Since recommendations may include modification of the current dance repertoire, we prefer to involve parents (if applicable, based on dancer age) and current dance instructors in the decision-making process to facilitate this team approach.

Dance Performance Programs

Our Staff

Laura Moyer, LAT

Laura's special interests include treating athletes with lower- and upper-extremity injuries, specifically dancers. She is part of the UW Health Sports Medicine Dancers Clinic, which focuses on treatment and prevention of biomechanical faults an...

Jan Mussallem, MSPT

Jan practices physical therapy in Sports Rehabilition at the UW Health Research Park Clinic. Her special interests include treating athletes with lower and upper extremity injuries, specifically in gymnasts, dancers and divers. She is part of the UW ...