Athletic Performance and Conditioning for Dancers

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This UW Health Sports Rehabilitation program is geared towards healthy dancers of all levels and dance backgrounds.


About Our Program


This program is not designed to teach dance techniques as you would learn them in a studio. We will be focusing on the elements of strength, stability and control that dancers need to improve technical skills. You will learn how to move as an athlete and become a stronger dancer who can move with correct muscle activation to help prevent injuries.


Program Goals

  • Lumbo-pelvic alignment and postural awareness with basic dance positions
  • Core strength awareness and strength building based on the Pilate's method
  • Movement (neuromuscular) control
  • Strength and stability training
  • Injury prevention
  • Awareness and correction of muscle imbalances

Visit 1 (60 minutes):

  • Physical screen
  • Movement analysis
  • Strength and Stability training introduction

Visit 2 (30 minutes)

  • Review findings
  • Introduce individual exercise plan

At the end of the 90 minutes, dancers receive a customized strength and stability training program to work on independently.




The cost of the program is $225. Additional visits can be scheduled with your clinician at a rate of $150 for 60 minutes.