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Tips for Stay Safe While Riding

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Biking Safety Tips

UW Health Orthopedics and Rehabilitation: Share Your StoryWe applaud the many of you who already bicycle regularly. Whether as an exercise option or a mode of transportation, you have hopped onto your bike and grasped the many benefits bicycling has to offer. Congratulations - and keep it up! 


How about the rest of you? Maybe it's time to give bicycling another go-around. For most of us, bicycles were our first "wheels" (and likely, our most valuable possession). Our bikes were everything - how we got to our activities, our connection to friends, our freedom.


We may have graduated to different modes of transportation, but that doesn't mean bicycling should be abandoned. No, bicycling can still fill many needs for us.


Share This StoryWhat if you tried getting back on that bike? Now that warmer temperatures are here along with more daylight to enjoy them in, it's a great time to dig out your bicycle. If you do, you'll have a good cycling foundation that prepares you to continue where the real cycling fun is - outdoors.


So, the time just might be right for you to get back on a bicycle. Just in case you need a little more convincing, consider how these benefits apply to you.

  • A great mode of exercise: Bicycling is not only a great cardiovascular workout but it also develops strength. We all know that bicycling develops stronger legs, but regular bicycling also builds cores, shoulders and hands.
  • A great mode of transportation: Traffic? Parking? Carbon footprint? We can think of a dozen reasons why replacing even a couple of our automobile trips a week makes sense. We are lucky to live in one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the country, with ample bike paths and bicycle-friendly roads to help you substitute a couple of your driving trips with pedal power each week.
  • It's easy and fun: There's a reason for the expression "easy as riding a bike." Don't let a couple of years (or decades) deter you from getting on a bicycle again. You'll remember how. The breeze in your face will likely leave you smiling. Powering yourself will give you a sense of control and accomplishment. You will likely feel connected to your neighborhood again.
  • Bikes have come a long way: Visit any bicycle store to see the great variety of ultra-comfortable bicycles built for just about any purpose. If you have memories of a sore back or a sore butt from your previous experiences riding, you'll be pleased to find out how the right type of bicycle properly fitted for you can make those concerns disappear.
  • It's a great time to start riding: Weather in Wisconsin doesn't get much better than May and June. If you start bicycling now you'll be all set when those ideal fall months arrive, too.

If you're not currently riding we hope that you'll revisit the idea. It's a great time to supplement the other exercise you do with this enjoyable outdoor activity.


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Health. Fitness. Transportation. Environment. Community. Whatever the reason, we hope that you'll give bicycling another chance. You will be so glad that you did!