Youth Sports Summit

August 21, 2018


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Youth sports injuries are on the rise. Many of these injuries are preventable with the right planning and training. If you're a parent of a youth athlete, a coach of a youth sports team or an administrator of a youth sports organization, you'll want to attend this informational session.

Youth sports are different today than 20-30 years ago. This session will help you better understand the developing athlete and what you can do to help create a happy and high-performing athlete for life.



UW Health Sports Performance is offering a free seminar about youth sports


David Bernhardt, MD 


Dr. Bernhardt is a pediatric and sports medicine physician with UW Health. He is also a team physician for the Wisconsin Badger athletic teams.


Dr. Bernhardt's talk will include a discussion on recovery training and important factors that are often overlooked and contribute to improved performance and injury reduction, including: sleep hygiene, hydration, nutrition pre-game and post-game, playing multiple intense sports simultaneously, dynamic warm-up and injury risk.


David Bell, PhD


Dr. Bell coordinates the Wisconsin Sports Injury Laboratory at UW Madison. Dr. Bell and his staff have published research on youth sport specialization trends.


Dr. Bell will discuss the who, what and why of sport specialization to help attendees learn about same sport recommendations. He will also share best practices to maximize the youth sport experience.


Dave Knight, MA, LAT, USAW


Dave is the Sports Performance Program manager at UW Health at The American Center. Dave has over 20 years experiencing coaching and training youth athletes.


Dave will discuss how to help youth athletes develop athleticism over time to enhance physical performance, improve health and fitness and reduce the relative risk of injury while developing their competence and confidence.




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