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Athletic Training Outreach Program

If you've attended a Madison Mallards baseball game, or even a local high school game, you may have seen UW Health athletic trainers on the sidelines. Our trainers work closely with professional, collegiate and high school players to help ensure they stay at the top of their game.


UW Health's Sports Medicine program was one of the first to provide athletic training services when the program began in 1982. What started off with one trainer providing occasional visits to a few local schools has grown into a comprehensive program with trainers providing daily and weekly care to 14 high schools, one college, five professional and high-level amateur teams, and event coverage for 40 different athletic groups.


Athletic trainers are licensed health professionals whose expertise includes:

  • Injury prevention
  • Emergency injury care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Assessment and development of a plan of care
  • Treating many musculoskeletal conditions and injuries

They work in many different capacities, whether it's on the sidelines at an athletic event or in the clinic working directly with patients. They help in the continued care of patients by assessing, treating, providing the proper resources and assisting in the rehabilitation process.


Athletic trainers also play an important role in coordinating clinic research. The UW Sports Medicine Program is a national leader in sports-related research. From the importance of ankle braces to the relationship of football helmets and concussions, athletic trainers are an integral part of working directly with players to gather data for groundbreaking research.