Women's Sports Medicine Clinic

The Women's Sports Medicine Clinic at UW Health is designed to treat the unique needs of female athletes.


The Women’s Sports Medicine Clinic at UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin, is designed to treat the unique needs of female athletes.

Clinic Location


UW Health Research Park Clinic (map)
621 Science Drive

Madison, WI 53711


(608) 263-8850


The incidence of certain sports injuries in females is higher than males. Additionally, female athletes’ injuries are often the result of a number of issues including nutrition, hormones, anatomy and changes due to pregnancy.


The Women's Sports Medicine Clinic is for women who:

  • Are 12-50 years old
  • Participate in a sport or exercise
  • Want to return to sport or activity following an injury

The Team

Our team of female sports medicine experts have extensive experience working with athletes of all levels. They recognize the health and wellness challenges specific to active women and are dedicated to returning female athletes to sport following an injury.

The Clinic

The first visit includes an evaluation and treatment recommendation by a female Sports Medicine physician and a sports rehabilitation therapist.

Following the exam, a care plan is created that may include counsel on sports medicine, rehabilitation, nutrition, sport psychology, biomechanical video analysis, performance improvement and injury prevention.


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Additional Services for Female Athletes


Sports Performance


UW Health Sports Medicine's Sports Performance program develop speed, strength and agility training programs for athletes of all ages and ability levels, with an emphasis on long-term athlete development.


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Sport Rehabilitation

Sport Rehabilitation


UW Health Sports Medicine's staff of physical therapists and athletic trainers is skilled in rehabilitating orthopedic injuries sustained by competitive and recreational athletes.


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Active moms running clinic helps women return to running after pregnancy

Active Moms Running Clinic


Pregnancy and delivery can place tremendous stress on the joints and soft tissues of the core, pelvis and lower extremities. UW Health Sports Medicine staff help moms return to running after childbirth by addressing pain and issues that may develop.


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Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology


Athletes spend hours training their bodies, but may not focus on the mental aspect of the sport. UW Health sport psychologists can help athletes learn how to develop the mental and emotional skills needed for competition.


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 Sport Massage

Sport Massage


UW Health Sports Medicine offers sports massage for performance enhancement, injury prevention, recovery assistance and rehabilitation.


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UW Health Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation experts discuss issues common to female athletes:

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