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Keeping Them on the Field: The Sports Med Athletic Training Outreach Program

Since 1982, UW Health Sports Medicine in Madison, Wisconsin has provided athletic training services, including the following.
Physician Extender
Athletic trainers are no longer only found on the sidelines. They also work side-by-side with physicians and other health care professionals in our sports medicine and orthopedic clinics. Athletic trainers who work in the physicians' clinics, often referred to as physician extenders, are an integral part of the Sports Medicine team at UW Health, providing a unique team approach to patient care.
Athletic trainers working as physician extenders serve many roles during a patient including:
  • Rooming patients 
  • Taking patient histories and providing patient education
  • Performing physical examinations and scheduling tests and procedures 
  • Preparing injections
  • Fitting braces and equipment and applying and removing casts 
  • Developing short-term rehabilitation programs for patients

The work of the athletic trainers allows physicians to focus their time directly on the patient and the care they provide. 


Orthotics Fitter


Athletic trainers/physician extenders who work in Orthotics fit and instruct patients in the application and use of numerous patient-assistive products. Athletic trainers determine the most appropriate and cost-effective product for the patient by combining the diagnosis of the patient's injury, the measurements for any assistive device and a thorough evaluation of the patient's biomechanics.


These assistive devices range from heel wedges and ankle braces to custom-fitted foot orthoses and osteoarthritis knee braces. 


High School and College Outreach


Under the supervision of the UW Health Sports Medicine physicians, athletic trainers provide medical coverage to area high schools and small colleges, including:

  • Injury evaluations and rehabilitation services
  • Primary emergency medical services
  • Injury triage (referring the athletes to appropriate resources)
  • Nutrition guidance
  • Sports fitness training guidance

Athletic trainers also assist schools with coordinating baseline concussion testing such as ImPACT testing and perform WIAA-certified body fat testing for wrestlers. Furthermore, athletic trainers serve as liaisons to physicians and other health care providers within the region.


Event Coverage Outreach Program


The UW Health Sports Medicine Clinic provides athletic training services for many athletic organizations throughout southcentral Wisconsin to help ensure the tournament, camp or other athletic event is both safe and enjoyable for participants, spectators and parents.