Anterior Cruciate Ligament Surgery (ACL) Care Plan

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Welcome to the UW Health Sports Medicine Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction Program.


Your sports medicine surgeon and care team have developed a system to guide you through the surgical process, including preparation before surgery and recovery following surgery.


This system includes two important components:


Step 1: Your Care Team and Support Person


Your sports medicine team's main goal is to provide the care and support you need to get through your surgery. Careful preparation and focused rehabilitation are key factors to returning to the activities that are important to you. In addition to the care team, we also encourage you to choose a family member or friend who can act as a personal support person or "coach" as you go through the ACL repair process.


Step 2: TotalCare


UW Health's TotalCare system puts your care plan at your fingertips, no matter your device.This free online educational system that provides you and anyone else you designate with comprehensive information before and after surgery. TotalCare also allows you to keep track of your progress before and after surgery.


TotalCare includes:

  • Checklists and reminders to guide you through your journey that starts before surgery and continues after surgery to make sure you are prepared and understand important issues that impact your overall recovery
  • Convenient access to important educational materials
  • Informative videos, including exercises
  • Online forms to simplify your paperwork
  • Patient self-reports to provide your orthopedic team with feedback concerning your care and progress

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If you encounter any issues, please contact TotalCare Support at (855)-589-0611 or