Class Spotlight: Life Fit Boot Camp


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Class Details

Dates: June 2-24, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30-6:30pm

Cost: $57 (some discounts available)

Life Fit Boot camp participantsBoot Camp classes have become the rage all across the nation!


What could be better than experiencing the beautiful early summer Wisconsin weather while exercising in a fun and supportive environment?


Life Fit Boot Camp is a high-intensity course that includes running, jumping, calisthenics and other activities. Whether it be aerobic fitness, muscular strength, flexibility or agility that you're looking for, Boot Camp will provide the challenge to take you there.


Life Fit Boot Camp participants love exercising outdoors at a neighborhood park. The grass beneath your feet will bring back memories of joyful youthful movement. At the same time, Boot Camp will be pushing you to reach your potential as you work, laugh and excel alongside your fellow enlistees.


Your drill sergeant - um, I mean your instructor - is Joanne Haas. Joanne is an ACE-certified fitness instructor with extensive experience teaching and motivating both recreational and competitive athletes. Her upbeat, enthusiastic nature makes her one of our most in-demand teachers.


This class is open to all levels, from exercise novices to experienced, competitive athletes. Let boot camp get you in the best shape of your life - and you'll have a blast getting there!


Free Class Drop-in on May 25


Would you like to give Life Fit Boot Camp a try? Come to the free drop-in class on Tuesday, May 25 from 5:30-6:30pm. Come by and give the class a try. What a great way to test out whether this class would be right for you!