Swimming Training

UW Health Sports Performance training programs help you become a better athlete and better swimmer. Use our 1-on-1 swimming performance training to improve your stroke and become a more efficient swimmer, and our offseason training to improve your endurance and conditioning.


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One-on-One Swimming Training


UW Health Sports Performance swimming training: Woman swimming in a pool 

Swimming Training


Our biomechanical swimming evaluations include:

  • A screening examination to assess your strength, flexibility and posture as they relate to swimming biomechanics
  • Above- and below-water video analysis of swimming biomechanics
  • Drills and training recommendations to improve mechanics and performance

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Offseason Speed and Strength Training (Year-round)


Our offseason speed and strength training programs help volleyball players improve their mobility and quickness, enhance foot speed, footwork and agility, and make you a stronger, more resilient athlete.


UW Health Sports Performance Developmental Speed Strength training: Girl doing pushups 

Developmental Speed Strength


This class introduces athletes 12 to 14 years old to training concepts for sprinting, change-of-direction agility, motor coordination and developmentally appropriate, athletic strength training.


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UW Health Performance Speed Strength training: Woman working on agility drills 

Performance Speed Strength


Athletes 15 to 18 years old, learn how to develop speed and acceleration, athletic strength and multidirectional agility.


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