Swimming Training

UW Health Sports Performance training programs help you become a better athlete and better swimmer. Use our 1-on-1 swimming performance training to improve your stroke and become a more efficient swimmer, and our offseason training to improve your endurance and conditioning.


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One-on-One Swimming Training


UW Health Sports Performance swimming training: Woman swimming in a pool 

Masters Swim Clinic


UW Health Sports Performance and UW Health Sports Rehab are hosting a swim clinic for master swimmers and triathletes. Participants will have the opportunity to go through a swim analysis, musculoskeletal screening and corrective exercises to enhance performance.


Swimmers will need to bring swimsuit and cap for pool participation, as well as athletic clothes for evaluation and exercise on land. (Lower body can be shorts or tights, Upper body can be sports bra or fitted tank top for women). Register now


Swimming Training


Our biomechanical swimming evaluations include:

  • A screening examination to assess your strength, flexibility and posture as they relate to swimming biomechanics
  • Above- and below-water video analysis of swimming biomechanics
  • Drills and training recommendations to improve mechanics and performance

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Offseason Speed and Strength Training (Year-round)


Our offseason speed and strength training programs help volleyball players improve their mobility and quickness, enhance foot speed, footwork and agility, and make you a stronger, more resilient athlete.


UW Health Sports Performance Developmental Speed Strength training: Girl doing pushups 

Developmental Speed Strength


This class introduces athletes 12 to 14 years old to training concepts for sprinting, change-of-direction agility, motor coordination and developmentally appropriate, athletic strength training.


Register online: Developmental Speed Strength

UW Health Performance Speed Strength training: Woman working on agility drills 

Performance Speed Strength


Athletes 15 to 18 years old, learn how to develop speed and acceleration, athletic strength and multidirectional agility.


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