Sport-Specific Performance Training

The sports performance coaches, physical therapists and athletic trainers in UW Health Sports Medicine's Sports Performance program develop speed, strength and agility training programs for athletes of all ages and ability levels, with an emphasis on long-term athlete development.

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UW Health Sports Performance baseball training: Kids in a training class

Baseball Training

Certified and experienced UW Health Sports Performance throwing experts help young pitchers improve performance and reach their pitching or throwing goals by refining mechanics and technique. Learn more about baseball training

Basketball (Boys)

UW Health Sports Performance basketball training: Basketball player with basketball

Basketball Training

Our programs prepare boys basketball athletes for the rigors of the season by improving vertical jump, quickness, strength, recovery and conditioning level.

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Basketball (Girls)

UW Health Sports Performance basketball training: Two girls playing basketball

Basketball Training

Girls basketball players need quickness, strength and stability to perform at their best. Prepare for the rigors of the season by improving vertical jump, lateral quickness, strength, recovery and conditioning level.

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UW Health Sports Performance baseball training: Trainer adjusting a bike setting

Biking Performance Fittings

UW Health sports performance specialists help bikers optimize comfort, power and aerodynamics with performance bike fittings

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UW Health Sports Performance football training: Boy throwing a football with trainer

Football Training

Our Sports Performance specialists work with middle school football players on foot speed, agility, quickness and sprinting speed. Each program emphasizes athletic strength training and teaches proper, age-appropriate strength training techniques.

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UW Health Sports Performance golf training: Golf ball going in cup

Golf Training

Golf training program features Titleist Performance Institute coaches and offers 2-D and 3-D performance evaluations, K-Vest biofeedback training, and off-season golf conditioning.

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UW Health Sports Performance baseball training: Two kids playing basketball

Hockey Training

Developing on-ice performance begins with a foundation of off-ice athleticism. Our coaches follow USA Hockey's American Development Model in designing our off-ice programs for hockey athletes of all ages.

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UW Health Sports Performance running training: Woman in a sprinting blockRegister Now

Running Training

Work with our certified running Sports Performance specialists and physical therapists on running mechanics, strength training and power development to prevent injury and improve performance specifically for the distance runner.

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UW Health Sports Performance soccer training: Woman dribbling a soccer ballRegister Now

Soccer Training

Our soccer training program will prepare high school soccer athletes with endurance for soccer without sacrificing speed and power to play the game at a high level.

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UW Health Sports Performance softball training: Girl fielding a ground ball

Softball Training

UW Health Sports Performance helps you become a better athlete and better softball player with its speed, strength and agility training programs.

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UW Health Sports Performance swimming training: Man swimming

Swimming Training

Whether you're an adult training for distance swimming or a high schooler striving for state, our swimming performance evaluations can help you swim faster, longer.

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UW Health Sports Performance tennis training: Woman serving a tennis ball

Tennis Training

Lateral quickness, rotational power and shoulder stability are key to high-performance tennis. Our staff of Sports Performance specialists works with each athlete to safely develop these valuable athletic skills.

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UW Health Sports Performance volleyball training: Woman hitting a volleyball at the net

Volleyball Training

Our Sports Performance volleyball training program will improve your lower-body power while keeping your shoulder healthy for a long season, and teach proper jumping and landing technique to reduce ankle and knee injuries.

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