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American Family Children's Hospital

Biking Training

UW Health Sports Performance's performance bike fittings help bikers ride more efficiently.UW Health Sports Performance training programs in Madison, Wisconsin, help you become a better athlete and better biker with its speed, strength and agility training programs.


1-on-1 Performance Bike Fitting


UW Health sports performance specialists help bikers optimize comfort, power and aerodynamics with performance bike fittings, which include:

  • Cycling history review to identify on training errors and review specific goals
  • Physical screening for flexibility, strength, skeletal alignment and foot structure
  • Pre- and post-fitting measurements
  • Compu-trainer analysis of cycling biomechanics
  • Video breakdown and interactive discussion on how biking position can enhance comfort/performance
  • Goal-oriented changes for bike fit
  • Follow-up visits for custom cycling orthotics, physical therapy, performance strength and power training, stretching and nutrition

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