CT (Computed Tomography) Guided Spine Surgery

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UW Health spine surgeons in Madison, Wisconsin, use CT (computed tomography)-guided spine surgery techniques that allow surgeons precise placement of spinal instrumentation during surgery.


About CT-guided Spine Surgery


Our spine surgeons can use CT guidance during a number of surgical interventions, and the advantages CT guidance provides is the same, no matter the procedure - a clear, precise representation of the surgical environment that allows the surgeon to navigate instruments in as accurate a manner as possible.


CT (or CAT) scans create detailed images of your spine. With CT-guided spine surgery, a specialized CT scanner is used during the operation to scan the spine during surgery. The CT scans are uploaded to a computer system that creates an accurate, three-dimensional model of the patient's spine. During surgery, surgeons use instruments designed to work with the computer model of the spine to help guide the surgeon's actions. This is particularly useful in placing screws in the spine during spinal fusion operations. It can also be used in minimally-invasive spine fusions.


The primary benefit of CT-guided surgery is accuracy. The CT scans in combination with the computer system allow for precision during complicated procedures.


Dr. Seth Williams on CT-guided Spine Surgery