Rheumatology: Easing your pain, returning you to more active living

We help you manage your symptoms so you can be more comfortable and function better. Through our specialty clinics and innovative treatments, we help you take charge of your health and get back to active living.

Programs and research

Improving care

To help you get the best possible care, we offer several specialty clinics devoted to specific rheumatic conditions. We also do research aimed at improving care for everyone.

Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can affect your skin, joints and internal organs. Our Lupus Clinic brings together lupus specialists, social workers and pharmacists. They work together at your appointments to help address all your medical needs.

Lupus nephritis is a type of kidney disease caused by lupus. Through this clinic, you receive coordinated care from a rheumatologist who specializes in treating lupus and a doctor who specializes in kidney health.

At this center, we focus on preventing and treating osteoporosis. We place special emphasis on preventing fractures.

We have a specialized clinic for Sjögren’s Syndrome. This is a disorder that commonly causes dry eyes and a dry mouth. It can also affect many other parts of the body. Often the condition is associated with another autoimmune disorder such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Studying the role of sex hormones in the pathogenesis of Sjogren's Syndrome

  • Improving cardiovascular health for patients with rheumatic conditions

  • Addressing disparities and care gaps for patients with lupus

  • Identifying novel immune processes and redefining autoantibodies in rheumatoid arthritis

  • Studying the causes and treatment of osteoporosis/metabolic bone disease

New scleroderma treatment leads to 'amazing' recovery

Chuck had a form of scleroderma so severe it became difficult for him to breathe and eat. He found relief from a stem cell transplant. The treatment has been used with blood cancers for decades. But Chuck’s transplant for scleroderma was the first outside of clinical trials in Wisconsin.

See his story

Conditions and treatments

Specialists in rheumatology

Our arthritis and immune experts at UW Health diagnose and treat autoimmune diseases and disorders of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints.

Rheumatological conditions

There are more than 100 types of rheumatic disease. Among them are many different types of arthritis. We make sure you get the right diagnosis so you get the right treatment.

Some of the most common conditions we treat include:

Treatments and services

Your treatment will depend on your condition and needs. Education on treatments and handling symptoms can be vital.

We may offer tips and guidance on lifestyle and behavior changes. A good diet and getting the right type and amount of exercise can be helpful. So can getting adequate rest and sleep, quitting smoking and managing stress.

We treat many rheumatic diseases with medication. Sometimes treatment includes IV infusions, removing fluid or injecting your joints. We can work with experts from many UW Health divisions to tailor care. Some people with scleroderma may even benefit from a stem cell transplant.


Nearby care you can count on

With clinics in Madison and the surrounding area, we’re close by and ready to help.

  • 1 S. Park ClinicRheumatology Clinic
    • 1 S. Park St. / Madison, WI
    • (608) 287-2800
    • Closed now
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  • West ClinicRheumatology Clinic
    • 451 Junction Rd. / Madison, WI
    • (608) 263-7577
    • Closed now
    • View hours, services and more
  • UnityPoint Health - Meriter - Monona Specialty ClinicRheumatology Clinic
    • 6408 Copps Ave. / Madison, WI
    • (608) 417-6175
    • Closed now
    • View hours, services and more
  • UnityPoint Health - Meriter - West Washington Clinic
    • 345 West Washington Ave., Suite 100 / Madison, WI
    • (608) 417-8300
    • Open now
    • At the UnityPoint Health-Meriter West Washington Clinic, UW Health specialists in endocrinology, rheumatology, pediatrics and family medicine provide comprehensive care for patients.

      View hours, services and more
  • SwedishAmerican Women and Children's HospitalPediatric Rheumatology Clinic
    • 3505 N Bell School Road / Rockford, IL
    • (779) 696-8499
    • Closed now
    • View hours, services and more
  • Beaver Dam Clinic (Regional)Rheumatology Clinic
    • 705 S. University Ave., Suite 200 / Beaver Dam, WI
    • (920) 887-9272
    • Closed now
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  • UW Health Specialty Clinic - Fort AtkinsonRheumatology Clinic
    • 611 Sherman Ave East / Fort Atkinson, WI
    • (920) 568-6567
    • Closed now
    • View hours, services and more
  • UW Health Specialty Clinic - MaustonRheumatolgy Clinic
    • 1040 Division St. / Mauston, WI
    • (608) 847-7355
    • Closed now
    • View hours, services and more
  • UW Health Specialty Clinic - PortageRheumatology Clinic
    • 2977 County Hwy CX / Portage, WI
    • (608) 745-3399
    • Closed now
    • View hours, services and more
  • Reedsburg Area Medical Specialty Center (2000 N. Dewey Ave)Rheumatology Clinic
    • 2000 N. Dewey Ave / Reedsburg, WI
    • (608) 768-3901
    • Closed now
    • View hours, services and more
  • UW Health Specialty Clinic - Sauk PrairieRheumatology Clinic
    • 250 26th Street, Suite 120 / Prairie du Sac, WI
    • (608) 643-6060
    • Closed now
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