Emergency care for kids

Count on us when emergencies happen

When your child needs emergency care, our team at UW Health has everything you need. As a pediatric Level I trauma and burn center, we provide care for all types of injuries, including the most serious conditions.

Programs and research

Improving emergency care through research

Our doctors and scientists are continually working to improve emergency care for you and your family. One of the ways we do this is through research.

UW Health ranks among the Top 12 medical systems in the country for National Institutes of Health funding for emergency medicine research.

Our research areas include antibiotic resistance, emergency radiology and prehospital medicine.

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Conditions and treatments

High-quality diagnosis and care

Treating injuries and conditions

The UW Health emergency medical team evaluates and treats a wide range of conditions. 

  • Allergic reactions and infections

  • Breathing difficulties

  • Burns

  • Chest pain or racing heart beat

  • Cuts

  • Dehydration

  • Head injuries and concussions

  • Medical device failures

  • Psychiatric emergencies such as anxiety, depression, or suicidal ideation

  • Persistent high fever

  • Poisonings or overdoses

  • Sprains/fractures

  • Severe complications of chronic illnesses, such as asthma or diabetes

  • Surgical complications

Treatment from pediatric specialists

Your child receives initial treatment from our emergency medicine team. If needed, one of our 150 pediatric specialists may also help your child.

  • Bone repair (casting, splinting/setting)

  • Bracing for a sprain or strain

  • Fluids to help with dehydration

  • Imaging (X-rays or scans) to help determine problems

  • Medicines for infection, pain or fever

  • Observation to determine the condition

  • Oxygen or support for difficulty breathing Splinting for a sprain or to stabilize a fracture before surgery

  • Surgery

Your child’s care team will decide if your child should return home after treatment or stay in the hospital for further care.

Child Life Specialists also help young patients and their families cope with the fear and anxiety associated with an injury or emergency situation.

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Featured location
Pediatric emergency medicine locations

University Hospital’s Emergency Department (E.D.) official address is 600 Highland Ave.Madison WI 53792. Howeverthe quickest way to get to the Emergency Department entrance is to drive north on University Bay Drive where it intersects with Campus Drive. You will see “Emergency” signs directing you to the parking area.

Emergency care near you

  • American Family Children's Hospital
    American Family Children's Hospital
    American Family Children's Hospital - Pediatric Emergency Department
    • 1675 Highland Ave. / Madison, WI
    • (608) 262-2398
    • Open now
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Our team

Pediatric emergency medicine experts care for your child

Our team includes doctors who are board-certified in pediatric emergency medicine. Our nurses and members of our care team also have specialized training to care for kids. We know how to address the developmental, emotional and physical needs of children in an emergency situation.


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