Gender services

Caring gender services for every aspect of your health

UW Health’s Gender Services program provides the affirming care and support you deserve. We help transgender, gender expansive and non-binary adults and children get quality health care.

Programs and research

Managing your health

At UW Health, our priority is your well-being. We work with you to understand your goals for gender-affirming care and managing your health.

Our gender services navigator program coordinates your care and paperwork. Navigators help you access quality health care and community resources as you need them.

We focus on your mental health as well as your physical health. If you feel depressed, anxious, or need advice on handling difficult relationships at work or home, we can help. We surround you with the care and support you need so you can be you.

We are proud to be named a Leader in LGBTQ Healthcare Equality by The Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

Conditions and treatments

Gender-affirming treatments

Treatments we offer

Your care plan depends on your specific needs and goals. The UW Health Gender Services team follows the standards of care from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health.

We provide psychological services to help you explore your gender identity in a safe and non-judgmental way. We also help you obtain letters of readiness for some surgeries.

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Our team of fertility specialists meets with you to discuss options for starting a family. We answer your questions and provide support and guidance.

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Our specialty doctors work with you to coordinate and manage treatments that meet your gender-affirming goals.

The providers in our HIV Care & Prevention Program provide compassionate and confidential care to those with HIV or are at risk for HIV.

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We provide permanent hair removal before and after surgery and on an as-needed basis.

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Our Pediatric and Adolescent Transgender Health Clinic provides care to help your child feel comfortable with themselves and understand their part in the community.

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Our doctors and nurses provide gender-affirming primary care. We partner with you from childhood to adulthood to help you manage hormonal therapy and other needs.

Our social workers help you access community services and manage questions and concerns, including health insurance, financial issues and home health needs.

At UW Health, our surgeons provide several gender-affirming procedures, including: 

  • Breast augmentation to increase breast size 

  • Facial feminization to make a face appear more feminine

  • Hysterectomy, oophorectomy and vaginectomy, to remove the uterus, ovaries and vagina

  • Orchiectomy to remove the testicles

  • Phalloplasty and scrotoplasty to create a penis and scrotum

  • Peritoneal pulldown vaginoplasty to create a clitoris and labia, and a vagina using the lining of the abdomen

  • Trach shave (thyroid cartilage reduction) to reduce the size of the Adam's apple 

  • Top surgery to remove breasts and create a more masculine-looking chest

  • Vaginoplasty to create a vagina, labia and clitoris

  • Voice and pitch surgery to change the sound of the voice 

  • Zero depth vaginoplasty to create a clitoris and labia, without a vagina

Our care for you continues after your surgery. We make sure you feel well physically and mentally and recover fully.

When you want your voice to match your gender identity, our speech-language pathologists can help.

First, you’ll see a speech-language pathologist (SLP) and otolaryngologist, or ear, nose and throat doctor (ENT). These specialists look at your current voice patterns and overall vocal health.

Evaluation may include:

  • Acoustic measurements of your current voice function

  • Impact of voice on your quality of life

  • Goal setting

  • Trial therapy to find the best and easiest ways to modify your voice

  • Talk about voice treatment options including surgery

Videostroboscopy / laryngoscopy is a minimally invasive clinic procedure to assess the details of vocal function. It’s needed when you have a hoarse voice or there is any concern about your ability to modify your voice safely and effectively. The SLP and ENT will determine if this procedure is needed.

Voice change is a process of discovery. It can take several months of therapy, with independent exploration often lasting well beyond the initial treatment period. An individual plan will be tailored to meet your specific goals.

Authentic voice and communication
Treatment goals may include changes in:

  • Speaking pitch

  • Resonance - the "color" of your voice

  • Prosody - the "melody" of sentences

  • Articulation - how words are pronounced

  • Voice quality - loudness, breathiness, etc.

  • Non-verbal communication - gestures, posture, etc.

Trans men and gender non-conforming individuals
Hormone replacement therapy (testosterone) often provides satisfactory voice change for trans men, but this is not always the case. Voice masculinization therapy is available for those who are unsatisfied with their voice change with hormones alone, or for those who are not taking testosterone. Gender non-conforming individuals may find voice therapy helpful to achieve a communication style anywhere along the gender spectrum.

Some insurance companies may offer coverage for gender-related voice services, depending on the policy. Please check with your insurance provider for coverage information. A private pay option is also available.

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Easy access to care

We provide every service you may need in one location and we are the only comprehensive gender services program in the region.

You can access gender services at clinics in Madison and Middleton, Wisconsin. Our compassionate team provides care and helps you access resources throughout your life.

  • University Hospital - Gender Surgery Clinic
    • 600 Highland Ave. / Madison, WI
    • (608) 263-7502
    • Closed now
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  • Transformations
    • 2349 Deming Way, Suite 100 / Middleton, WI
    • (608) 836-9990
    • Closed now
    • At UW Health Transformations, we offer a full complement of cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as aesthetic and laser treatment options in a caring, discreet environment.

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Meet our team

Experts in cross-specialty care

The gender services team at UW Health creates a safe and comfortable experience for you.

You get access to specialists in:

  • Behavioral health

  • Endocrinology

  • Family medicine

  • Internal medicine

  • Obstetrics and gynecology

  • Pediatrics

  • Plastic surgery

  • Social work

  • Urology

  • Voice

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Patient and support services

Get the services an support you need

The gender services teams at UW Health work to maximize your health and psychological well-being while connecting you to the resources, support and information you need.

Transgender community resources

This group works toward health equity and the improved safety and well-being of LGBTQ people and communities in Wisconsin.

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Supports the Latinx LGBTQ+ community in Dane County by cultivating an equitable and safe environment.

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A magazine for Madison’s LGBTQ and allied community.

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  • A group committed to equity and quality of life for all LGBTQ+ people. Groups part of OutReach include:

    • Madison Area Transgender Association: Open to folks who identify as transgender or gender nonconforming.

    • FTM/GQ: Peer-led social and support group for people who identify as FTM, genderqueer, drag kings, butch, intersex men and anyone else assigned female at birth who identifies as masculine.

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This group works to provide fair access to health care for people who identify as transgender, intersex, nonbinary and gender nonconforming.

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This group’s mission is to promote evidence-based care, education, research, advocacy, public policy and respect in transgender health.

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