BetterLife Corporate Wellness: Healthy companies depend on healthy employees

At UW Health in Northern Illinois, we offer various wellness plans that address, improve and control health factors among employee groups. We can also customize wellness plans to fit the unique needs of organizations.


Your connection to healthy living

At the core of each of our wellness plans, we put employees in control of their health. With support of our team of experts, we create a culture of wellness and healthy living, every step of the way.

Research demonstrates that one of the most important ways to improve a person’s health is to be engaged in one’s health care. Our health risk assessments and biometric screening help employees know and understand their numbers, while comprehensive educational content empowers them to make informed and impactful decisions. To engage employees in positive behavior changes to improve their health and wellbeing we use hands-on, multi-faceted, technology-based interventions.

Choosing UW Health BetterLife Corporate Wellness as your employee wellness partner gives your employees access to on-site, near-site and individualized learning experiences, as well as face-to-face therapeutic interventions. We’ll implement proven strategies to manage controllable health risks to empower employees with health education and lifestyle skills that enable them to achieve their best possible health.

We strive to improve employee health and well-being, positively affect morale and job satisfaction and optimize performance and productivity through this valuable employee wellness benefit. Our corporate wellness program goes beyond other virtual/national wellness programs to offer committed, personal health coaching and a broad array of services — all available locally in northern Illinois.

Our offerings

We offer comprehensive services to help employees reach your health and fitness goals:

  • Wellness educational programs and classes

  • Annual wellness screening and health risk assessment

  • Personal health coaching

  • Chair massage

  • Fitness instruction

  • Customized web portal for incentive and wellness tracking

  • Tobacco cessation support


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