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For more than 30 years, regional clinics staffed by UW faculty physicians have supported community-based health care systems by providing specialty services in towns and cities throughout Wisconsin and Illinois, increasing local access to specialty services.

UW Health's Regional Services Program supports the organization's mission of advancing health without compromise by: 

  • Providing the best possible patient care experience and outcomes for all those who need our services and providing programs that support the health and wellness of individuals and populations

  • Delivering contemporary education for current and future generations of health professionals

  • Conducting a broad range of research to discover the most promising ways to promote health and to prevent, detect and treat illness in people and communities

  • Doing what is best for the communities we service through environmental sustainability, policy advocacy, health care delivery and public health

Patient care

More than 200 UW Health physicians visit more than 40 communities in more than 80 locations, offering clinics in local health care centers. These clinics meet the diverse health needs of their communities by providing clinical services from a comprehensive array of specialties and subspecialties. Depending on the community's need, clinics may be offered daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or bi-annually.

Learn more about regional specialty services in your area:

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Medical services

UW Health physicians and surgeons are pleased to provide a wide range of medical services. Specialists from UW Health in Madison regularly travel to see patients locally. This allows people who need specialty care to be seen for diagnosis, regular check-ups and some treatments close to where they live and work. In this way, UW Health physicians supplement and support the care provided by physicians within the local community.

Most UW Health specialty services are located within local health centers. These specialty clinics utilize local medical, laboratory and imaging services on a regular basis. In addition, some specialty services offer local outpatient surgical procedures in the local community. 


In addition to patient care, UW Health providers also share their subspecialty expertise by providing educational opportunities for patients and local health care professionals.


We accept most forms of insurance. If you have questions about your insurance coverage with a UW Health provider, please contact your insurance company.

In order to receive specialty care services, patients may also need a referral from a primary care physician. Patients should check with their primary care physicians to ensure that the proper procedures are followed.

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