World Class Stroke Care

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As a very competitive athlete, Eric Sarno has always been in good shape - which is why it was such a shock when he had a stroke.


Eric suffered a blood clot in his brain and subsequent hemorrhaging, which led to his stroke. He spent a few weeks in the ICU, followed by a couple months in inpatient rehab, learning to walk, write and read all over again.


It would've been easy for him to feel sorry for himself and to wonder, "Why me?" But instead he worked tirelessly with his team at UW Hospital and is now back to work full-time. He is also spending time with his two daughters and was able to compete in two triathlons this past summer and continues to organize and direct the Triathlon that he started in the Quad Cities.


To hear about Eric's inspiring story as told by his nurse practitioner, Jennifer Winchell, click on the image below.


World-class stroke care: UW Health patient Eric Sarno