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A Resource for Children with “Diagnostic Dilemmas”


A new Pediatric Diagnostic and Consultation Clinic at American Family Children's Hospital provides evaluations for patients with challenging diagnostic and/or management problems. Directed by Jonathan Fliegel, MD, pediatric hospitalist and associated professor at University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, the clinic is a resource for families whose infant, toddler or teen is struggling with an unsolved medical diagnosis.


"Our goal is to work with the primary care provider and UW Health pediatric subspecialists to find the best path for diagnosis and treatment for children whose symptoms remain puzzling. We see patients whose symptoms do not fall clearly within the scope of another pediatric specialty or when families and their clinicians request a second opinion to have a 'new set of eyes' look over a child's situation." says Dr. Fliegel. "In most cases, we expect only one visit to our clinic will be sufficient before an action plan can be identified."


Common reasons to consider a referral include complex symptoms such as poor weight gain or growth, unexplained fevers, persisting pain, fatigue or other problems.


The referring primary care provider is asked to provide records of visits, labs and studies before a child is seen in the Diagnostic and Consultation Clinic. After the first appointment, Dr. Fliegel works collaboratively with each patient and family, the child’s regular clinician and when needed, other pediatric specialists at American Family Children's Hospital to plan further steps in diagnosis and treatment.


Within several days of the consultation, the Diagnostic and Consultation Clinic will complete and send a full report to the referring clinician. Most patients will not require follow-up visits and will be encouraged to work closely with their primary care clinician for ongoing care. Dr. Fliegel may also suggest referrals for additional services or specialty evaluations if necessary.


To refer a patient to the Diagnostic and Consultation Clinic, clinicians may call American Family Children's Hospital's Pediatric Specialty Clinic at (608) 263-6420. Clinicians with specific questions prior to or after a referral may contact Dr. Fliegel's office directly at (608) 265-5545.