UW Health Care Link: Providing Real-Time Information About Your Patients

UW Health is working with providers across the region to connect them to their patients' health care records via a web-based system called Care Link.


Care Link requires no special software, is available to providers at no charge and can be accessed through a Web site that is user name- and password-protected.


We will provide training in your office at your convenience with a minimum of time required of you and your staff.


How does Care Link work?


After establishing a Care Link account with a secure user name and password, you and your clinical staff are able to access your patients' encounters at the University of Wisconsin Hospital, American Family Children's Hospital and the UW Health Outpatient Clinics.


Patient charts are available in real-time and are in printable format. You will be able to log in at any time from any Internet-enabled computer.


You may also elect to receive an e-mail notification. The e-mail will contain a Care Link web address. One click will take you to the Care Link web page, where you will find all newly released information regarding your patient.


For more information about Care Link, contact carelink@uwhealth.org.