Extended Efforts in Limb Salvage


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UW Health plastic and reconstructive surgeons at UW Hospital and Clinics in Madison, Wisconsin, offer leading-edge limb salvage techniques to patients suffering from critical limb ischemia in the lower extremities.


Extended Efforts in Limb Salvage Surgery


UW Health microvascular plastic surgeons - specialists in reconstructive surgery and microvascular techniques to return blood flow to wounds or blocked vessels - partner with board certified UW Health vascular surgeons to form a team dedicated to lower-extremity limb salvage.


Our program offers:

  • Access to cutting edge treatments and devices
  • Years of experience with minimally-invasive approaches
  • National recognition for the development and publication of minimally-invasive treatments for lower-extremity vascular disease
  • If surgery is necessary, years of expertise with complex issues related to surgery including:
    • Patients requiring redo surgeries where there is a lack of a vein
    • Operations on calcified vessels
    • Bypass to the smallest vessels in the foot
    • Plastic surgery for complex wounds

Care for Complex Patients


UW Health's team offers immediate and advanced treatment options for complex patients including:

  • Evaluation and management of patients with severe PAD: Pain while resting, non-healing ulcers and gangrene
  • Evaluation and management of patients with tissue loss that limits limb function: Exposed tendons and mid- and hind-foot wounds, particularly involving loss of weight bearing surface
  • Treatment for patients with lower-limb pain due to PAD and/or poor circulation (lower limb pain or cramping after walking)

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