Resources for Healthy Eating

Cooking in the kitchenWhether you're managing a chronic health condition, or just looking for ways to eat and feel better, the following UW Health resources can help you make healthy choices.


News About Nutrition and Health


Advice for Parents of Picky Eaters

Are Foods Labeled Healthy Actually Healthy?

Family Mealtime Helps Kids Thrive

How Much Sodium Should You Consume?

How to Cook for a Healthier You

It's Never too Late to Change Health Habits

Making "SMART" Resolutions

Portion Size Key to a Healthy Thanksgiving

Shunning Sugar? UW Health Nutritionist Tells You How

Tips for Keeping Food Safe in Hot Weather

Tips for Packing a Healthy School Lunch

UW Health Nutritionist Says Eat to Lose Weight

What You Drink Can Impact Your Health

Will Calorie Listings Curb Our Fast-Food Habits?


More from the Nutrition and Health Information Library


Are You Eating Heart Healthy Fat Daily?

Cancer and Nutrition: What's the Connection

Cooking with Squash: Recipes and Ideas

Dietary Guidelines and Choose My Plate

Enjoying Whole Grains

Fad Diets: What Really Works

Fall Vegetables and Cancer Prevention

Food and Mood: Tips to Boost Your Mood

Food for Thought: Eating for Cognitive Health

Four Simple Methods for Healthy Eating

Frustrated With Your Child's Picky Eating?

Healthy Baking: Substitutes for Fat and Sugars

Healthy Eating on a Lean Budget

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Healthy Lunch Ideas

Healthy Tips for Eating Out

How Dietitians Help

How Much Sugar Is In Your Drink

How Safe is Your Picnic?

How You Eat Is As Important As What You Eat

Making Sense of the Nutrition Facts Label

Nutrition Resolutions in the New Year

Planning Meals to Maximize Energy and Minimize Hunger

Protect Yourself From Foodborne Illness

Quick and Easy Healthy Lunches

Sleep Deprivation and Weight Gain

Sodium: More Than Just Salt

Sports and Energy Drinks: Are They Necessary?

Ten Reasons to Start Walking

The Health Benefits of Chocolate

The Importance of the Family Meal

The Reality Behind Gluten-Free Diets

The Yogurt Craze: Is It Really Healthy?

Three Tips to Reduce Food Waste and Eat Healthier

Tips for a Healthy Breakfast

Unique Vegetables and What to Do with Them

What Are Super Foods?

What Does Organic Mean?

What's On Your Plate?


Nutrition and Kids


Helping kids eat well and live a healthy lifestyle starts with the whole family. UW Health's Pediatric Fitness experts offer a broad range of advice to help parents maintain a healthy lifestyle for everyone.


Advice for Parents of Picky Eaters

Family Meal Key to Good Health

Fiber Important for Kids' Health

Helping Kids Make Healthy Choices

Parents Help Shape Food Attitudes

Steps to Help Kids Develop Healthy Habits

Tips for Packing a Healthy School Lunch


Pediatric Fitness Experts on NBC-15


Watch our video series featuring topics in kids' fitness and eating habits from NBC-15


Video Topics in Pediatric Fitness


Cancer and the Nutrition Connection


While no single food has been proven to help fight or cure cancer, eating a healthy diet can help decrease your chances of developing cancer and preventing it from returning.


Can Food Help Fight Cancer?


Healthy Choices: Eating a Heart-Healthy Diet


UW Health nutritionist Amy Mihm offers a series of video tips to help make heart-healthy choices when grocery shopping.


Video: Healthy Choices View Healthy Choices: Eating a Heart-Healthy Diet video series


Nutrition and Health Education: Informational Videos


UW Health registered dietitians offer a video series on topics ranging from healthy eating on the run to tips for managing your diabetes. Learn more about UW Health's Nutrition and Health Education program


Video; Nutrition and Health Education Videos View all Nutrition and Health Education videos