Virtual Colonoscopy Patient Stories: Jackie

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(608) 263-9630
A physician referral is required. Please consult your primary physician for a referral and a prescription for virtual colonoscopy preparation. Referrals and prescriptions may be faxed to (608) 263-0700.
Jackie (pictured at left) underwent virtual colonoscopy at UW Hospital and Clinics in 2006. She recounts the experience in her own words below.
My virtual colonosocopy was very non-invasive, very comfortable and very quickly performed. I can't say enough about it.
I could not get over how quickly the procedure went. My doctor highly recommended it. I liked the idea that I didn't have to be anesthesized. I didn't have to have anybody bring me in and take me home. Those are real positives that encouraged me.
The staff explained to me what was going to be happening before the procedure, and the technicians talked me through it the whole way and checked if I was comfortable and if I had any questions. Two scans were taken, one on my back and one on my stomach, and then it was over. It took about 15 minutes. I was so impressed. And I had no polyps. I was very fortunate.
I've already recommended virtual colonoscopy to several friends. I just can't say enough about it. Even when a small, plastic tube was inserted to inflate the colon, it wasn't uncomfortable. Within an hour and a half my scan was read, and I would have been scheduled for surgery that day had they found a polyp.
I appreciated learning that there was another way to be checked for polyps and for colorectal cancer.