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Types of Tumor Ablation


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UW Department of Radiology: Cryoablation Ablation

UW Health radiology department uses cryoablation to freeze and destroy tumors.


What is Cryoablation?


Cryoablation destroys cells with extremely cold temperatures. Radiologists use an image-guided cyroprobe inserted into the skin to locate tumors and direct a small ball of ice that freezes and destroys them.


Depending on the tumor and the types of tissue, the range of temperature used in cryoablation falls between -20 degrees Centigrade and -50 degrees Centigrade.



  • Cryoablation allows for the use multiple probes simultaneously
  • The freezing process is nearly painless
  • Ice formation is easily monitored with ultrasound, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging
  • The pattern of tissue destruction is predictable
  • Very few complications