Benefits of Virtual Colonoscopy

Contact Information
For scheduling and information, please call (608) 263-9630.

A physician referral is required. Referrals and prescriptions may be faxed to (608) 263-0700.
UW Health offers 3-D virtual colonoscopy to screen for colorectal polyps and identify potentially problematic growths.
Our clinical program offers the following benefits:
  • A safe and effective method for visualizing colorectal polyps
  • For screening patients, essentially no risk of bleeding or perforating the colon
  • The CT scan procedure takes only 15 minutes
  • No need for intravenous sedation; you may return immediately to work or normal activities
  • No need for patient to be driven home from hospital
  • Can safely continue anticoagulation therapy
  • Less costly than conventional colonoscopy
  • UW Hospital and Clinics has the leading medical expert on virtual colonoscopy on staff
  • UW Hospital and Clinics uses the only FDA-approved 3-D evaluation software for screening
  • Same-day GI Clinic services to remove polyps, if required
  • A limited 2-D evaluation of the abdominal compartment, which may detect other conditions outside the colon