The Pharmacist's Role on the Patient Care Team

UW Hospitals and Clinics involve pharmacists as crucial members of the patient care team.UW Hospitals and Clinics has been a pioneer in implementing advanced clinical pharmacist patient care services in which pharmacists work collaboratively with nurses and physicians directly on patient care areas to review medication orders and manage drug therapy.


Pharmacists as Part of the Care Team


The UW Hospitals and Clinics physical environment was designed to incorporate clinical pharmacists on the nursing units as patient care team participants.


Pharmacists are active members of the patient care team, responsible for overseeing the optimal, safe and cost-effective medication therapy management using evidenced-based medicine to improve overall patient care in all patients.


How Our Pharmacists Improve Patient Safety

  • Each inpatient unit has a pharmacist dedicated to performing patient care activities each day
  • Pharmacists participate and maintain a significant role in multidisciplinary patient care rounds
  • Pharmacists are involved in all processes of care - including product selection, dosing, route selection, regimen review, ensuring safe medication administration, monitoring for desired therapeutic outcomes, identifying and avoiding medication errors and adverse drug events, etc.
  • Pharmacists review all non-emergent medications orders prior to the first dose being administered to a patient
  • Pharmacists include appropriate indications for each patient medication order during the order entry/transcription process to eliminate nursing and physician confusion regarding the use of the medication
  • Pharmacists clarify all vague medication orders with the prescriber in an effort to facilitate safe and effective administration of patient medications
  • A pharmacist interviews all patients upon admission to the hospital to obtain a complete list of the patient's home medications and to make sure the medications are properly continued throughout their hospital stay
  • A pharmacist is also involved in the education of patients about new medications and in the education of all patients about their discharge medications