Wendy Prihoda Stewart, PT

  • Pediatric Physical Therapy


Wendy Prihoda Stewart, PT, is a UW Health Kids pediatric physical therapist. She has advanced training in pediatric rehabilitation focused on chest-related breathing and posture problems, and works with patients who have chest wall defects such as pectus carinatum (protruding chest) and pectus excavatum (sunken chest) or respiratory disorders.

Wendy also specializes in pediatric oncology and cancer survivorship and sees patients in the Caring for Life Survivorship Clinic, where she helped develop the physical therapy role.

Wendy is certified in neuro-developmental therapies and has specialized training in other therapies that affect function, breathing and posture.

She served as a visiting clinician throughout Europe, has experience in gait research and stays active in physical therapy associations, including oncology-focused groups.

As a child, Wendy enjoyed dance and figure drawing. She was fascinated with the sensation of movement and close observation of the body and figure. After studying anatomy and kinesiology (the science of movement), her career path as a physical therapist became clear.

In her free time, Wendy enjoys running, hiking, yoga and reading good books.

Children experience delight when they can move freely and experience the world.

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  • English

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