Kathryn Nelson, DPT

  • Pediatric Physical Therapy


Kathryn Nelson, PT, is a UW Health Kids doctor of physical therapy. She cares for children with a wide range of pediatric mobility conditions from birth through age 21.

Kathryn treats children with developmental delays, torticollis (stiff neck), plagiocephaly (flat head), prematurity, Down syndrome, hypermobility, toe walking, gait abnormalities, chronic pain, hypotonia (decreased muscle tone), brain injury, coordination and balance difficulties.

Kathryn’s clinical interests include developmental disabilities, especially early intervention for children from birth to age 3.

Kathryn’s care philosophy guides her to help children improve the quality of their life by increasing their mobility.

I believe it is important for children with disabilities to improve their mobility, so they can maximize their participation and improve their quality of life.

Languages spoken
  • English