Julia Pitz, LMT

  • Integrative Health - Complementary Services


Julia Pitz, LMT, is a UW Health licensed massage therapist and a coordinator for the Integrative Health Clinic. As a specialist in integrative care and complementary services, she focuses on her patients’ overall well-being — their body, mind and spirit.

Typically, Julia works with people who suffer from both acute (sudden) and chronic (ongoing) pain. Her patients often experience pain for unknown reasons. Their trouble may have started after an accident or surgery. In some cases, other health issues may have triggered their pain.

During therapy sessions, Julia uses special techniques called bodywork to massage or move the body and promote healing. One such method is called the John F. Barnes myofascial release technique. This involves applying gentle pressure to the muscles and other soft body tissues to release painful muscle contractions. With these techniques, Julia reduces her patients’ pain and stress and improves their movement.

Julia’s goal is to help people feel better, function well and live comfortable, peaceful lives.

As a massage therapist, I work to help people feel better. I believe the body can heal pain, given the right care and treatment.

Languages spoken
  • English

Areas of expertise

  • Massage Therapy and Bodywork