Anne Bachhuber, NP

  • Internal Medicine
Anne Bachhuber, NP


Anne Bachhuber, NP, is a nurse practitioner at UW Health. She works in internal medicine, treating a variety of acute and chronic conditions and has special interest in hip and knee osteoarthritis, sports medicine, mental health and health care for those assigned female at birth. 

Anne views her relationship with patients as a partnership and focuses on providing holistic, collaborative care. She’s committed to educating them about their health conditions and treatment options, so they can make informed healthcare decisions. Anne also considers a patient’s personal priorities and values when creating a care plan. She takes time to talk through any barriers they might experience and ways to get around them.

Outside of work, Anne enjoys hiking, fiber arts (spinning, knitting and weaving), traveling and playing with her two Great Pyrenees dogs. 

I work with people to help optimize their function so they can live their lives as well as possible with as few barriers as possible.

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  • English
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  • University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH