Anastasia Doherty, CNM

  • Midwifery (Certified Nurse Midwives)
Anastasia Doherty, CNM


Anastasia Doherty, CNM, is a UW Health certified nurse midwife. Anastasia provides women’s health care through all stages of life, from puberty through menopause. Her primary focus is on pregnancy, birth and post-partum care, in addition to addressing contraceptive needs.

Passionate about reproductive justice and protecting everyone’s freedom to make their own choices regarding reproductive health care, Anastasia advocates for her patients to ensure that they get the care they need. She informs, guides and supports them through their personal decision-making processes.

Anastasia listens closely to understand personal priorities and family goals. Working to keep patients safe, well-informed and healthy — from prenatal visits to ongoing care — she communicates with other providers and refers patients to appropriate specialists when needed.

In her free time, Anastasia enjoys gardening, walking in her neighborhood and spending time with her daughters.

I love seeing people get through personal challenges, whether it is unexpected pregnancy news or a difficult childbirth. It’s amazing to be part of the big day when people meet their baby and become parents.

Languages spoken
  • English

Education & credentials

  • Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM)
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL

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